Embracing the Season

I am not a winter type of person, except that I love to hibernate. I am more of the Spring or Fall type of gal. I love the new birth of the spring and the warmer weather setting in. Longer days and longer nights as we don’t need to get inside to get warm or cool down. The fall colours are one of Mother Nature’s best works of art. It seems to change daily, and the photo opportunities are endless. Winter has always been my least favorite season. That is until this year.

I have noticed a huge change to my activities this winter. While I am trying to get my second book printed, winter is flying by at record speed. I started to notice the winter activities of the people around me. I live in a ski destination town, so it is not unusual to see a lot of new people dressed in ski outfits and sporting a wind glow on their faces from their day on the hills. Other’s are at the grocery stores buying comfort food and getting ready to settle in with a good book or a new movie. Some people are renovating their homes on the inside or collecting supplies for the spring renovations. I have many friends that are creating and re-supplying their crafts from all their winter craft sales. Some are working on scrap-booking and decorations for their home. Some are baking up a storm and trying new recipes as they still have company coming around. Some are taking this quiet time to finally sit down and write, work on some puzzles, paint, sew, and knit, re-arrange furniture, clean out the old and get ready for the new.

I am learning to embrace every season as I am finding things to do in and around my home that keeps me busy. I traditionally just get lazy, stay cozy, and hibernate like a bear in the winter season. Now I am getting organized, cleaning out the storage room, the desks, and the closets, putting up some new storage ideas, and ordering some upgrades to the new home. Organizing and cleaning is something I have always loved to do, so now I am keeping busy no matter what the day may look like outside.

Winter really has become a busy time. Maybe by the time the Spring arrives, I will be able to enjoy my favorite season more as all these inside projects will be done. But, then it will be time for gardening and cleaning up and organizing the outside. I never thought that winter could be so productive, and as I embrace my least favorite season, I am taking care of business on the inside of the house. Ultimately, I am keeping my soul happy and full of sunshine, even on the winter’s darkest days, just by doing what I love to do. My hope is that I will have more time to enjoy the Spring and Summer with all the things I am taking care of today. I am definitely learning to embrace all the seasons, but I still cannot wait for the snow to melt, the trees to bud, the birds to sing, the crocuses to pop out of the ground, and the sun to out shine the clouds.

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