Not Enough Hours in a Day

Thank God for holidays. I am praying my holiday goes slower than a snail trying to get through a whole forest. I have so much to catch up on, including my blogs. It appears Spring has sprung forward in a virtual catapult. One minute we are waiting for the snow to melt off the deck, the next we are planting our many patio planters, and then the next minute we are on holidays and the first day of summer is quickly approaching. My plate appears to be as full as my flower pots as I try to juggle my job, my writing, and a new home business, not to mention family obligations. That is the best part of my holidays. Visiting with family and friends.

It is always so wonderful to travel back to the Coast and see so many welcoming smiles, feel all those hugs, and share all the stories of what is happening in our lives. The absolute best part is sharing all our memories and laughing at the silly things we do, or have done, in the comfort of each others company. I am so grateful to the family and friends who open their homes on our journey and the ability to share more time with them all. It is wonderful to not only see them every-day, but to make dinner together, get comfy, watch movies, laugh and share stories of days gone by. I know it is not easy to host friends and family as it appears to disrupt the daily routines and can be truly energy draining. We strive to make our visits as easy and effortless for our wonderful hosts. We bring as much food as we can, help to prepare that food, clean up after the meals, and turn in early to give our hosts space. We strive to be the perfect visitors. Guests that our hosts cannot wait to have return. We are also getting better at accepting their kind gestures. It is all about balance.

Balance appears to be the focus of humanity these days. I have been learning more about Balance on this trip. I have read many times that a person cannot know balance or polarity without discovering the opposite. Like hot and cold, dark and light, black and white and right and wrong. It also appears that opposites can have so many variables that it can also be all about personal perception. So, to balance the energies can become difficult. When I feel unbalanced, I look at the opposite and wonder and work with why I am feeling the unbalanced. Am I tired from being awake to much? Am I weak as I worked too hard? Am I hungry because I got too busy to feed and nourish my body? Am I sad, quiet, depressed, maybe angry, and blameful because I am lacking joy. What can I do to balance the energies? These are simple examples of polarity but understanding them can move you through many difficult hours, days, weeks, and years. Intent to create balance and harmony can move mountains in your life.

During our holidays I made a conscious effort to stay balanced. I nurtured my mind, body, and soul. I opened myself to a new way of understanding the energies of the day for myself and the planet. I created peaceful space to stay fully present and absorb the mountain of information I was receiving. I attended an amazing Science and Spirituality Conference with over 1500 worldwide guests and many of the most amazing scientists, teachers, and speakers I could ever have imagined under one roof. It was a crash course and confirmation to my 25 years of spiritual exploration and learning. Every-day I awoke with gratitude and a personal commitment of being fully present and aware, in order to receive all of the information offered. We were feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced one day, so we honored that and took the day off. Again, to balance and be fully appreciative and able to receive the rest of the information offered at the conference.

After the conference and the many miles travelled, packing and unpacking, busy schedules and busy activities, and finally getting home, I knew I had to take just one more little trip to get balanced before going back to work. I called my spiritual brother and asked if I could come for a visit. He accepted whole heartedly as he always does, and I headed up to his amazing home on top of a beautiful mountain to reconnect with him and his priceless space. This place is my Happy Place. The place I can escape to and just look at the trees, the lake, the mountain, and the stars. The place with no schedules, nothing that needs to be done, and time to just talk, connect and appreciate the little things life has to offer. Again, all about the balance. I returned to work full of energy and peace to tackle the next few months looking forward to my next getaway. It is so important to find your peace, your happy place, your balance. It brings about more joy, more rest, and more connection to All that is. All that this life can offer and beyond what we can imagine. Enjoy your Spring and Summer!




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