Pandemic Blessings

I had a lot of travel plans for 2020. I was working hard on manifesting my dreams by visualizing, acting as if, and trusting the Universe that it would all come to fruition. I know from many years of experience and working with the principles of Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley, that almost always things do not work out exactly as planned, but every time they turn out better.

In January, I was frantically searching for decent priced hotels and flights to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, where I was planning to meet my sister for a long overdue holiday together. She goes to Cabo almost every year and although this popular vacation destination was not on my list of desired places to visit, I thought it would be good to see it through her eyes. After all, the pictures I kept finding on the internet made Cabo San Lucas look amazing. When I ran out of ideas and resources to make this trip happen, I just knew I was meant to do something different.

Within a week of realizing Cabo was not in the cards for 2020, I got an email from offering Certified Trainers to attend the 2020 Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer event in Costa Rica as a member of the conference team. As I was certified in Denver Colorado in 2019, I was eligible to apply for this amazing opportunity. I would be honored to be a part of the Infinite Possibilities team in such a beautiful destination. I was sure this was why the Cabo San Lucas trip fell through. I got busy checking flights and booking the hotel as part of my manifestation baby steps, but I was still pleasantly surprised when I got the news that I was indeed chosen to be a part of the team. I was extremely excited when a good friend of mine decided to take the training and be my roommate in Costa Rica.

At the beginning of March 2020, there was news of a flu pandemic in China which appeared to be spreading worldwide as people travelled. I was feeling quite safe in our pretty little valley town in the Kootenay mountains of Canada, but worried how this might affect my travel plans to our conference in Costa Rica. Within a week every-one was cancelling conferences, holidays, and locking themselves down into their homes under the direction of their country’s leaders. Businesses were limiting their hours or closing altogether. We decided to close our doors at my work, and I was laid off until further notice. Our Infinite Possibilities conference management team started to work ridiculously hard to bring the conference into people’s homes through video conferencing. As the world came to a stand still, I got busy doing what I do best when I am stressed, I started to clean. Not your everyday house cleaning but purging and sorting and organizing everything we own. We threw out seventeen bags of garbage from our small condo we have only lived in for three years. We gave away two boxes and three bags of useful things to good will, and we built and organized all our closets, drawers, and storage room. I accomplished projects that have been on my “to do” list for years. At the same time, as most people did, we started to build our beautiful garden.

Our patio garden

As our garden was becoming the best garden we have ever created, the news media was reporting that people should not leave their homes and that they should only travel in an emergency. I started to feel like a protective mama bear and headed out to see my children on the coast and northern BC. After all, they made it sound like the world was ending, so seeing my children was my only focus.

Using Masks??

We were very careful in our travels, using gloves at gas pumps, washing and sanitizing our hands at every stop, and taking all of our own food and basic needs. I tried to see my son and his family on the out skirts of Vancouver BC, but they were on lock-down and fearful of the pandemic as they all have respiratory issues and this particular virus was targeting the respiratory system of our bodies. I understand and honored their position and got on the ferry to see my sister on Vancouver Island. We were only there for a couple of days, but we made some great memories and enjoyed every minute of our short visit. I was still planning on seeing my youngest son in Prince George BC, and our daughter by love in Lake Louise Alberta, so we hit the road again.

For us, and our quiet little road trip to be near our children in this time of crisis, we spent very little money on gas, food and lodging. On occasion, we tried to support local restaurants by ordering in. At times, besides transport trucks, we did not see any other traffic on the highways for hours. The air and scenery appeared to be exceptionally beautiful, and the wildlife seemed happier and more peaceful just grazing on the roadside or even lying on the roads. What stores were open, allowed for only one or two customers at a time and the service was exceptional. I spent five days in our hotel room on a virtual conference with my Infinite Possibilities team and connected with over a hundred people around the world growing my network of family and friends and learning new tools for networking. In Lake Louise, we were the only guests in the massive five diamond resort, and we were treated like royalty with chefs and resort workers catering to our every need. We were upgraded to a beautiful suite overlooking the frozen lake and the glacier. As we took hundreds of pictures the landscape was like something out of a travel magazine with only nature and no humans as far as the eye could see. As we departed this paradise, we received word that the resort was closing. When we arrived home, we self quarantined for the safety of our friends and neighbors. We were at peace and grateful for our experiences and the decision to travel and to see our family.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Breathtaking Scenery

One of a thousand pictures

Reports started coming in about what the lock-down was doing for our planet. No travelling meant lower fuel emissions and cleaner air. In some of the worst areas of our beautiful Earth, air quality increased by up to 30%. Fuel prices plummeted taking us back to the prices we paid for gas 25 years ago. Marine life returned to harbours as the water traffic declined. Animals started coming into the cities, creating beautiful landscapes and positive energy. As restaurants and bars closed there were increases in the culinary world from people cooking at home. Family structures were changing as families came together in their homes and virtually. Technology had to advance quickly as the need for virtual connection became a necessity. Telemedicine was starting to evolve as almost half of the doctor’s office visits were handled virtually. General hygiene practices were becoming essential. Social distancing and respectable personal spacing was observed. Online shopping increased, but so was the saving of money as people started to realize necessity over desire or greed. People started learning new talents and took time to share them on social media bringing joy to strangers around the world. Gratitude was exploding around the planet as people sang, clapped, and banged objects together in gratitude to our healthcare providers and essential service workers. A massive connection to each other was becoming evident as we realized we are all connected, and we were all in this together.

As I write this in the summer of 2020, this pandemic has unfortunately taken many lives, but it has also brought many blessings with it. Our retail and restaurant experiences are so much more enjoyable as the number of customers decreases and the shopping and dining spaces increase. Our local economy is growing as people stay close to home and stay within their own towns, cities, and provinces on their vacations.

Peace in Lake Louise
Beauty at Home

Our love of our planet and the outdoors has increased, and we are gaining a greater respect for our parks and creating healthier more loving and respectful communities. We are overcoming fear and working together on solutions and positive outcomes. We are demanding stronger leadership and a more truthful media platform. We are taking more time for basic life needs and for each other. We are finding more joy in our togetherness and realizing what is more important in life as we understand how we are all connected. We are evolving in a more loving and supportive way. 2020 brought a pandemic that I believe many people will come to see as a massive blessing in more ways than we can imagine.

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