Why did you self publish?

I have learned that it can be quite difficult to get your work published by a publishing company. You will still need a lot of money to hire an agent and an editor. Often your editor will become your agent. I felt confident in giving the children’s book over to self publishing. I really would like to hire an editor for the second book, just because I want it to be as perfect as possible.

How do you choose what to write about?

Write from the heart. You can never go wrong. Write about life experiences as I feel it is easier to pull the information from your own experiences then to try and sift through all the material on the Internet and in the library. No-one can ever argue that you don’t know what you are talking about if you have lived through it.

Do you really see Angel wings?

No, but there seems to be a glow around a great experience. Like when the punk rock girls were walking the little old lady across the busy city street. It was raining but it felt like the sky opened, sunlight came through, and the rain started sparkling.

What do you mean by following signs?

Being aware of details around you, especially when your heart is filled with Joy and Gratitude, you begin to notice signs. Not street signs or stop signs, though those have really helped me as well. Signs like a book falling off a shelf, or receiving a flyer about a course you would be interested in, or just some-one calling you and the conversation goes in the direction of your thoughts. People always say, “That was just a coincidence”, or “That was weird or freaky”, or “I was just thinking that.” Those are the signs I pay close attention to and follow them. I have never been disappointed.

Why do you think anyone would want to read what you wrote?

I don’t know. I am very hopeful. I know that I have shared my stories with family members and they have said that I should be writing. That was the first push. I also know in my heart that a lot of what I write doesn’t feel like it comes from me. It feels like I am just the secretary taking dictation. When my hands go crazy on the keyboard, and I read back what I just wrote, I am amazed and overwhelmed with excitement wondering where that came from. I will be extremely happy if one person says, “Thank you, I enjoyed your book and it made me cry.” Then I know I have touched their heart.

How much does it cost to Self Publish?

There are many packages that you can buy. You need to choose the one that works best for you. I am following one of those “signs” and working with Balboa Press.

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