Dandelion: The Extraordinary Life of a Misfit

By Sheelagh Mawe

Dandelion is a lowly, mis-bred Irish farm horse. As is true of all creatures, she begins her life with a grand sense of her own worth. But little by little, the opinions of others and the “circumstances” of her life erode that belief and, lonely and dispirited, she gives up on her dreams. Nevertheless, given a chance at freedom, she has wits enough left to pursue it, only to find that “freedom” was not quite what she had bargained for! Dandelion’s subsequent journey leads her to her true destination – herself!

An uplifting tale for every age that will have you hopelessly guessing at what becomes of this lost, rebellious soul, until you breathe a sigh of relief, shed a tear of joy, and remember that trusting ‘life’ is half the secret. This adventurous little horse will no doubt remind you of yourself who, with a little perseverance, patience, and faith, makes a stunning success of her life. A horse with a gift, and her life’s puzzle is to uncover it.

“Dandelion is a marvelous story of the triumph of spirit.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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